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Gulf-O-Flex®  Insulated Flexible Duct
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex® Insulated Flexible Duct
Sale priceFrom AED37.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex PVC TapeGulf-O-Flex PVC Tape
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex PVC Tape
Sale priceAED180.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex Aluminium FSK TapeGulf-O-Flex Aluminium FSK Tape
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex Aluminium FSK Tape
Sale priceAED90.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex Aluminium TapeGulf-O-Flex Aluminium Tape
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex Aluminium Tape
Sale priceAED60.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex Alupet Tape ,25 yardGulf-O-Flex Alupet Tape ,25 yard
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex Alupet Tape ,25 yard
Sale priceAED120.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Glue
Sale priceFrom AED20.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex Flange
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex Flange
Sale priceFrom AED14.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex Cleat
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex Cleat
Sale priceFrom AED6.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex Corner 500pcs /Box
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex Corner 500pcs /Box
Sale priceFrom AED280.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Flex Stuck-up Pin
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Flex Stuck-up Pin
Sale priceAED100.00
In stock
Gulf-O-Seal 30-36 Canvas Coating
Gulf-O-Flex® Gulf-O-Seal 30-36 Canvas Coating
Sale priceFrom AED45.00
In stock

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Cam & Groove Couplings

Billy Pugh X-904 Refurbishment/Re-certification


Refurbishes and Recertifies Billy Pugh X-904 Personnel Transfer Devices. Billy Pugh recommends an approved manufacturer representative to inspect the X-904 once in two years.

Following inspection and refurbishment, a new certificate of conformity will be issued. AOS understands that each onsite personnel transfer basket must be completed in the safest manner possible, and to ensure that occurs, every refurbished X-904 is repaired to the same standard that of a new X-904 is held to.

Contact AOS if you have any questions about your X-904 Personnel Transfer Devices.

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