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EGA Master

Wide range of Mechanical fittings and accessories.

Continental Wire Screen

A replacement high-end
product to the oil industry
with longevity, durability
and increased flow .....view

Angle Grinder

Air Angle, Abrasive Grinder

The perfect choice for the best
high-speed sander, feather
edging and rust removal..view

Wooden Pilot Rope Ladder

Specially designed to be
replaced without unstringing
the ladder, right on board
the vessel for serviceability
and safety.....view

Cupwire Brush


Double-Coated Tissue Tape

Natural rubber adhesive tape
with heavy paper carrier
for increased strength and
stability.. view

Surface Disinfectant

A convenient, fast-acting,
multi-purpose, non-flammable,
disinfectant, deodorizer
broad-spectrum cleaner
for environmental surfaces view

Solvent-free Adhesive Industrial Masking Tape

Adhesive Masking Tape

For vehicle, aerospace,
automotive and
industrial markets......view


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Aquaseal Tube

For the flexibility, adhesion
and abrasion protection ...view


Solid braided cotton for a
durable, heavy duty sash cord...view

Life Jacket

Lightweight adjustable
with front strap and belt
gives comfort in fitness ...view

TS Moly