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Emery Cloth Rolls, All Grit - Shopataos
Deerfos Deerfos Emery Cloth Roll
Sale priceFrom AED52.00
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Grinding Abrasive Disc, Basic - ShopataosGrinding Abrasive Disc, Basic - Shopataos
Tyrolit Tyrolit Grinding Disc
Sale priceFrom AED5.50
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Tyrolit Cutting DiscTyrolit Cutting Disc
Tyrolit Tyrolit Cutting Disc
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Sanding Disc, Scotch Brite, Extra Coarse - ShopataosSanding Disc, Scotch Brite, Extra Coarse - Shopataos
3M Sanding Disc, Scotch Brite, Extra Coarse
Sale priceAED80.00
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Angle Grinder 4-1/2", Speed: 12000RPM - Shopataos
Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand 4-1/2" Angle Grinder 12000RPM Speed
Sale priceAED2,100.00 Regular priceAED2,320.00
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Hacksaw Blade, Bi-Metal, Size: 12" x 24TPI - Shopataos
Hacksaw Blade, Super HSS Bi-Metal, Size: 12" x 18TPI - Shopataos
Hacksaw Blade HSS, Flexible Bi-Metal, Size: 12" x 14TPI - Shopataos
Hacksaw Frame with Metal Handle, 12" Length - Shopataos
Hacksaw Junior Frame, 6" Length - ShopataosHacksaw Junior Frame, 6" Length - Shopataos

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